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Report Layout Editor
(Customize your company's printed reports.)

  • Users can now modify the layout and appearance of any printed report.
  • Modifications include adding logos, images or graphics, changing fonts, colors and borders, adding labels or fixed blocks of text, changing existing label captions, hiding controls from the default layout and changing the position of controls and text on the printed page.
  • A modified report layout can be shared with other P&V users in your organization.  Save a modified report layout to an rpx file, or save it to the main database where it will automatically be used by all who access that data file.

The Report Layout editor allows the user to repaint the report form and add company logos to reports.

This illustration shows placing a company logo on the Purchase Order report.

Sample Report Layout editor window and printed sample of a company logo added to a PO.

Modifications do not include changing the scope of data that can be displayed on a particular report. The underlying query and sources of data are not subject to end-user modification.

Item Status is now under same permission as ECO Admin
(Prevents inadvertent change of status.)

  • PV-EX users now have separate permission for item Status. This can be used to lock item specifications for Released parts while still allowing editing of Unreleased parts whose specifications are still pending.
  • Groups using PV-ECO no longer have premature ECO control of items still under development (caused by setting Status = Released).


New features in All Editions

Group Licenses

Makes it easier to distribute licenses among workgroup users. Permits equal access for users of a workgroup data file, without having to share dedicated licenses between specific computers.  How to decide to get Dedicated or Group Licenses.

(Useful when some of your vendors are in another country, and want to quote prices in their own currency.)

  • Costs can be entered and/or displayed in your local currency or in a foreign currency.  Each vendor can have its own dedicated exchange rate, or use a common exchange rate for the specific currency.
  • When the exchange rate is changed, the costs in the foreign currency remain unchanged. Displaying costs in your local currency will show the results of the updated exchange rate.
Multiple currency dialog allows the user to choose from common or vendor specific exchange rate.

View History
(Makes it easy to go back to a previous view.)

  • Parts&Vendors saves the last 50 screen views during any active session. Choose a previous view from the dropdown list on the toolbar, or Alt+left arrow / Alt+right arrow to navigate Back and Forward.

The View History allows the user to quickly switch between recently visited screens.

New Purchase List Options
(Makes it easier to run subsequent Purchase Lists as a project advances, without causing duplicate orders for items already on order or already acquired.)

Expanded Purchase List options for reducing list quantities based on order quantities.

Show subassembly branches only on the Tree View
(Show the structure of your product without the clutter of all the individual items.)

  • New Tree Settings and Grid Settings menus centralize list settings.

New Assy Tree option to hide all non-list items.

New Report features

  • Print to larger paper size (B-size, 11x17).
  • New Print option to Tile pages if report size exceeds paper width, instead of Truncating columns that don't fit.
  • Option to show total assembly cost on parts list and assembly tree report header.
  • Print Preview can show multiple pages on screen.

New Label printing features

  • Users can enter new label definitions for styles not already included.
  • Expanded field selection of Item Master fields when printing labels from a PO.
  • Number of duplicate labels can be driven by PO Order Quantity.
  • Print Bar Codes.

Other refinements

  • Bar Code scanning - Find an item, Adjust Stock for an item, Receive an item.  From the menu choose View...Barcode Input...
  • New option to show List Tabs above grid - (Shortens mouse travel necessary to select a listing.)
  • Grid column and row separator lines can be turned on/off, reducing visual clutter (Set on new Grid Settings menu, above grid.)
  • On assy tree report, top level item is now included on listing so it shows costs.
  • Last Calculated Assy Cost can optionally be shown on the header of the parts list or assembly tree printed report (Set on Page Setup dialog)
  • Can now type more than 255 characters directly on the grid into memo fields (previously required editing via the Zoom box).
Upgrade Pricing *

How to Upgrade

To V5 Edition From SE 3 From SE 4 From EX 3 From EX 4 From ECO 4
SE $69 $59 - - -
EX $269 $249 $199 $149 -
ECO $359 $329 $259 $229 $199
*Plus Shipping/Handling, and Sales Tax if you are in California.

NOTE:  Upgrade ordering is not available online. Upgrade orders must be placed directly with our sales office, via phone, fax or email.

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