Features New to Version 4.0

New ECO Edition - Low cost Revision Control

·          This new edition adds a simple Engineering Change Order and Revision History system.  These features force changes of item specifications to be made by the ECO protocol.  Includes PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file archiving of old-revision specs.

·          The ECO Edition includes all the features of the EX Edition.

Your existing data file can be modified with the new Permission-ECO Setup Utility. The file will then have one or more "owners" who set permissions for other users in various functional areas, including ECO Administration privileges.

Data file Security - in EX and ECO Editions

·          Management of Users and Permission Groups, allow the "owner" of a data file to allocate editing access to individual users, appropriate to their job function.

·          File Password (optional) prevents unauthorized access with external tools, like Microsoft® Access®.

Your existing data file can be modified with the new Permission-ECO Setup Utility. The file will then have one or more "owners" who set permissions for other users in various functional areas.

Main interface

·          New, enhanced dropdown lists on the Control Pane permit column adjustments, sorting, more filtering, plus support for a mouse scroll wheel.

·          Columns-to-Show list now opens from a small button directly above the grid.

·          New Print Preview button on the Toolbar

·          Notes indicators below the Notes buttons on the Control Pane are more prominent.

·          Control Pane border (edit indicator) color is now settable independently of the active window border color. (Many desktop themes don't set the active window border color, and those users did not see an edit indicator).

·          New shortcut key Ctrl+R to Reduce Stock, similar to Adjust Stock (Ctrl+K), but does not need the minus (-) sign entry.


·          New Item Master // ShowAll + All Sources grid. Choose from popup menu on the Item Master // ShowAll grid.

·          New grid 'Items on Orders' replaces 'All Items on Open Orders' and has a set of filters to show on Unissued, Open, Closed or All.

Assy Tree

·          Can now save Tree column widths (like the grid) or use the existing size-to-fit-with-limits behavior.

·          Editing of Qty and Reference can now be done directly on the assembly tree.


·          Copy Sources when copying an item (option settings for defaults or prompts when copying).  See Edit...Settings...Copy P/N.

·          Set a 'Buy in Multiples Of' quantity on any Source (to avoid assigning a Units of Measure workaround for this purpose).

RFQs and POs

·          WinFax support for POs and RFQs.
Can now fax RFQs and POs (one at a time or a selected group of Pending docs from the Buy page) and the vendor's fax number is sent to WinFax with each document.

·          Ship-To and Respond-To addresses are now saved with each PO and RFQ.

·          POs can now have two tax fields (for Canadian and other non-USA users).

·          POs can default newly added items to 'taxable.'


·          Compare P/L now can be printed as a report.

·          Tree report now shows top level assembly information on the report header.

·          2 and 3 line P/L reports now have adjustable column widths to accommodate longer P/Ns, etc.

·          New Totals by Job# report with group totals.

·          New option to include tax in Job totals or not.

·          First-line font for printed POs/RFQs is adjustable to accommodate more text.

·          Indent character(s) are now user-specified. This can help make the indent levels more prominent than with the default (.) indent character.

·          Sum of Column total is now available on the 1-line P/L report footer.


·          Dymo/CoStar® and Seiko® label printers are now supported (for popular label sizes).

·          Print labels for selected grid rows only, or for all grid rows.

Purchase List

·          New option to increase order quantity to achieve next price/qty break, if that action results in the same or lower total cost.

·          New option to set if top and intermediate MadeFrom quantities are zeroed on the Purchase List.

PV3 limitations, bugs, annoyances fixed in PV4

·          Overkitting can now be specified when making a Purchase List for shortages only.

·          When restoring Left -> Right control direction, the grid now does not refresh/scroll to top.

·          The Find dialog now has column sorting.

·          Kit List now shows P/L Reference designators for subassemblies.

·          When checking the Parent Cost checkbox on the Detail Items grid, CurrentCost for those items is now updated. (Though a better way is to uncheck/recheck the Primary Source for the Parent P/N-- to refresh all the Details at once).

·          The dialog to choose a Viewer program has been widened to accommodate long path names.

·          User choice of label style on the Labels dialog is now saved. See Labels above- now prints to CoStar and Seiko label printers.

·          'Yes to All' is now the default button on that prompt, allowing <enter> to respond.

·          QtyReq column on Purchase List now reflects shortages for non-list types, as it does for assemblies.

·          On the Files grid, the program would 'Open' but not 'View' files where the path or file name included spaces.

·          When changing the vendor name on an RFQ or PO, the vendor account number is now updated, and the AttnTo name is blanked.

·          Fixed copying of Details when copying Parent P/N (on a secured file only).

·          Fixes leaving a non-expanded assy off the Kit List when Use Available Stock is checked.