Features New to Version 3.0

General changes

The program is now 32 bit, for Windows 95/NT (NT service pack 2), with all that implies: long file names, popup menus, tool tips, etc.

The file format is Access 95/97.

The interface is totally new, with a split screen interface of single items on the left and contextual listings on the right. The windows all resize to make best use of desktop space and everything reopens to the position where you last left it (windows, column widths, sort order, etc.).

A new Tree view shows the structure of multi-assembly products.

The Cost Summary is now a tree view with item costs/each at the specified build quantity; expand/hide to show as much detail as you want to see.

Many fields have been expanded in size, and there are new fields to hold additional information. The Help has technical information (tables, fields).

Items can have as many vendor price breaks as desired, and the program will choose the qualified cost, based on quantity.

Vendors, Manufacturers and Line Card links can be added on-the-fly.

Manufacturer P/Nís are collected under each manufacturer, and not duplicated (unless you wish) in the database. The SE edition now includes manufacturers.

New "Add Item" dialog (replaces List Builder) - permits selection of multiple items to be added to a list all at once. Filter by any related field and sort by any column.

Selected-Items has been replaced with a Filter-By dialog: Apply filters to any kind of listing, and save the filters for re-use.

The new Filter-By feature permits comparisons between fields as well as user-entered data. Also filters by Greater Than, Less Than, Is Blank, Is Not Blank.

Saved Views make it simple to return to any screen configuration.

Files listing now works for disk files or web pages, and has a Comment column.

File utilities are now on the main program menu, including Backup (copy) Data File.

Most of the data displays (single records or listings) are now in "unbound" mode, so record locking (by another user editing the same item) in multi-user installations is much less likely. (Data is saved quickly in transactions after the edit is complete, instead of locking the record during typing).

New Data Manipulations

Made-From feature calculates materials requirements for fabricated and/or modified items.

Copy selected items from one parts list to another.

Count Reference Designators on parts lists (one at a time or all), and optionally set item quantities to match.

Copy P/N families to a new Parent number, while preserving Detail suffixes.

Details under a Parent P/N can now have independent Revisions (or not).

Manufacturers and Mfr P/Nís can be in the database independent of vendors.

New Parts List fields: Assy Spec (50 char text) and Assy Order (decimal-numeric)

Suggest-Next P/N has new option for Begins With and/or Ends With.

RFQ and PO Numbers are now text so you can format them as you wish. Suggest-Next RFQ and PO number work similar to P/N and have independent suggest-next criteria.

Expanded field sizes for item and vendor data, i.e: P/N: 50; Title/Detail: 255; User1-5: 50.

Multiple viewer programs - choose from list when viewing or editing.

Multiple shipping addresses - choose from list when RFQís or shipments are to be sent elsewhere.

When adding items to a PO (EX Edition only), can now choose from Linked Items or All Items.

Enter vendorís quoted prices (for multiple price-breaks) directly from RFQ to update the main database.

Over-Kitting automatically adds extras to compensate for production floor loss or spoilage.

Minimum Stock Qty - program can increase order quantity to maintain minimums.

New Shipping method dropdown for orders. Choose from list or add new ones on-the-fly.

Automatically generated POís will use Contact1 as the Attn To: name. Choose from either Contact name on each PO.

Buyer and Engineering Contact are saved as defaults.

Items can be added multiple times to a P.O.

Items on POís can be marked as taxable or not.

Date entries (except on Item Master) can be adjusted with the + and - keys.

Changes in Terminology

Stock replaces Inventory Count

Job# replaces Engineering Account - to reduce confusion with a vendorís customer acct number for you.

Parent P/N replaces Tabulated - family still consists of Detail items.

DataList is replaced by all of the various grids on the List Pane

At Level replaces @Qty or AtQty, and is numeric. Identifies quantities for vendorsí price breaks (in Buy-As units).


Preferences file has alternate line colors set for most grids - color selections work with ĎHi-color/True-colorí and should look smooth. If your computer does not support this color depth and grids are Ďditheredí (look terrible) contact us and weíll tell you how to set them to white all at once.

We will be putting updates on the web site as they are available.