Introduction (only slide show)
Overview & Essential Info

Barcode Scanning
Build Page: Kit Lists
Buy Page: Purchase Lists, Product Costing and Auto-generated POs
Clients and Jobs
Copying Entire Families of Parts
Database Maintenance
ECO and Revision History
  ECOs: Basics
  ECOs: Settings and Departments
  ECOs: Filters for Administrators
  ECOs: Archives
File Manager
Hot Keys
Importing: Basics
Importing: Multiple Assemblies
Importing: 1-Line per Instance
Importing: Remote Stock Count
Importing: P/N Toolbox
Inventory Valuation*
Item Master

Labels and Barcodes
Labor Cost: How to Include
Made From
Parent P/Ns: Families of Items
Parts Lists:
  Assembly Tree
  Reference Designators
  Comparing, Special Fields & Other Tools
  1, 2 & 3-line P/L grids
  Printing All at Once from Assy Tree
Printing: Page Setup & PDFs
POs: Basics
POs: Items on Orders
POs: Order This Item
POs: Settings and Preferences
POs: Totals By Job
Report Layout Editor
RFQs (see POs)
Security: User Permissions and ECO Signoff Depts
Show All + Sources
Sources: Vendors, Mfrs and Line Cards
Sources: Setting. Entering Costs
Sum of Column
Units of Measure
Used On

*non-video page

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