P&V 6.0 Update and Version-Specific Support

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To determine what specific release number of the program you have: 
From within P&V, choose Help...About Parts&Vendors  --or--  Look at the version box on the bottom right of the main program window.

Program Update

This Maintenance Update contains important program changes.
1.  Download the file into a temporary directory. Windows Desktop will work fine.
2.  Close Parts&Vendors.
3.  Run the update exe by double clicking on it. It will install into your existing \PV6 program folder.
This update brings the program up to the current release while preserving existing user settings/preferences.
UPDATE - release 6.0.142 (Requires that SP1 {6.0.110} already be installed, and it probably is.)
(3.4 megs)
UPDATE - SP3+142 (all updates thru 6.0.142 - also replaces the file that saves Import Utility column layouts, which you may not want to do.)
(3.5 megs)
List of changes and additions to each 6.0.x release of Parts&Vendors
Full setup file for PV6 - release 6.0.142
Help File Update
Several small corrections and additions to the Help files include:
Updated screen images for Setup dialog: Addresses page, Preferences page, Purch/Kit List page.
New screen images for Eject feature and AddItem dialog.
New text for File Compact referring to both internal and external utilities.
Link from main Help to Tour help file fixed.
Link from Tour help file back to main Help file fixed.
(1.4 megs)

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Download a PDF copy of the User Manual
PV6Manual.pdf   or   PV6Manual.zip
Transfer custom Report and Label Layouts from PV5 to PV6
This utility will copy your custom layout (.RPX) files from your PV5 program folder to your PV6 program folder. It will also transfer your layout editor menu  items from PV5 to PV6, and it will set your default custom report layouts in PV6.


Transfer Saved Views and Filters from a previous version Parts&Vendors installation.
Download pv6trset.exe into your \PV6 program folder and run it from there.
(This utility is a stand alone version of the one in the main setup program, and needed only if your previous version installation is located other than the default "C:\Program Files\" location.)
Alternate Report Engine
A few users have encountered the vague "An error has occurred." message when printing to some printers. This print engine update has resolved that for them. (We suggest NOT getting this unless you are having a specific printing problem. This is not the same version as in the setup program.)
(2.3 meg)
Foreign Currency Issues
Parts&Vendors 6.0 saves all cost values in your LOCAL currency. It is expecting that the cost values in your existing (V1-V5 converted to V6) data file are expressed in your LOCAL currency.
Then, when you choose a different display or entry mode (the vendor's currency), it applies the conversion and formatting on-the-fly.
If you have a MIX of currencies in your database (for example $USD and $CAD) you will need to get all those values all converted back to your local currency before assigning different currencies to your foreign vendors.
We also have an external utility that will make the conversion for multiple vendors easier. Download

List of changes and additions to each 6.0.x release of Parts&Vendors
Multi-user Disclaimer - If you administrate a P&V workgroup, please READ THIS.
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Data recovery services:
PK Solutions    (If you ever make use of this service for a P&V data file, be sure to include a copy of pv6data._db which can be found in your \pv6 folder.  An even better idea is to back-up your data file daily.)
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