P&V 5.0 Update and Version-Specific Support

Page updated 11/04/2005 -  Click Refresh when returning to this page to be sure you are viewing the latest update.
To determine what specific release number of the program you have: 
From within P&V, choose Help...About Parts&Vendors  --or--  Look at the version box on the bottom right of the main program window.

Program Update

This Maintenance Update contains important program changes.
1.  Download the file into a temporary directory. Windows Desktop will work fine.
2.  Close Parts&Vendors.
3.  Run the update exe by double clicking on it. It will install into your existing \PV5 program folder.
This update brings the program up to the current release while preserving existing user settings/preferences.
UPDATE - SP3 + 5.0.168 (all updates)
(3.9 megs)

(Both links retrieve the same file. Use the one that works with your browser.)
UPDATE - release 5.0.168 (smaller download, but requires that SP3 {5.0.158} already be installed)
(1.6 megs)

(Both links retrieve the same file. Use the one that works with your browser.)
List of changes and additions to each 5.0.x release of Parts&Vendors

The following applies to 5.0.140 or earlier:

Update data file format
  • Extends expansion of item master Revision field to 10 characters into ECO functions (was limited to previous 4 character field size).

  • Also for previous version data files converted with PV release prior to 5.0.130
Depending on the migration path (upgrades from earlier versions) of your main data file, its format may need to be updated to avoid minor anomalies between single and double precision data types (i.e., 0.05 showing as 0.049999998 when clicking in a grid cell). This utility will make the necessary adjustments.
(Both links retrieve the same file. Use the one that works with your browser.)
New things in latest releases
  • New feature to sort parts list reference designators. Menu: List...Reference Designators...Sort on Selected Rows.

  • Editing the BuyNet quantity on the Purchase List will now cause program to re-look up the price break and extend costs on that grid.

  • New menu item Edit...Replace Item Everywhere.

5.0.126 or later:
  • Import Utility enhancements:
    Multiple target assemblies per session.
    New columns for Stock adjustments.
    Saving of multiple column layouts.

5.0.123 or later:
  • Bar Code input (From menu choose View...Barcode... or press F11 key.)

  • Bar Code capabilities for Label printing. (New controls on Label dialog.)

5.0.118 or later:
  • Option to show account numbers for QuickBooks item accounts (checkbox on QB settings dialog)

  • Option to enlarge toolbar dropdowns to fill all available width (right click on toolbar to open popup menu)

  • Can now set COGS account for non-inventory items sent to QB.

5.0.106 or later:
  • New Search/Filter tool on item master enhanced dropdown makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

  • New option to print duplicate labels based on PO order quantity (checkbox on Label dialog).

  • New Printer selection list on Page Setup saves printer selections to different report types. (With new B-size printing capability, some users want to redirect their printed output.)

Alternate Report Engine
A few users have encountered the vague "An error has occurred." message when printing to some printers. This print engine update has resolved that for them. (We suggest NOT getting this unless you are having a specific printing problem. This is not the same version as in the setup program.)
(2.3 meg)
(Both links retrieve the same file. Use the one that works with your browser.)
Download Full P&V 5.0 program
(full MDAC version)  25 MB Pv5setup.exe
(smaller version) 12 MB Pv5setupX.exe

This version is no longer for sale for new installations. 
It is provided here so users of version 5.0 can have the whole thing in one file, rather than original + update.
Foreign Currency Issues
Parts&Vendors 5.0 saves all cost values in your LOCAL currency. It is expecting that the cost values in your existing (V1-V4 converted to V5) data file are expressed in your LOCAL currency.
Then, when you choose a different display or entry mode (the vendor's currency), it applies the conversion and formatting on-the-fly.
If you have a MIX of currencies in your database (for example $USD and $CAD) you will need to get all those values all converted back to your local currency before assigning different currencies to your foreign vendors.
Beginning with release 5.0.106, when a vendor's currency is changed, the program will prompt to make that adjustment for that vendor's source costs and existing POs.
We also have an external utility that will make the conversion for multiple vendors easier. Download
(60k) (Both links retrieve the same file. Use the one that works with your browser.)
List of changes and additions to each 5.0.x release of Parts&Vendors
Multi-user Disclaimer - If you administrate a P&V workgroup, please READ THIS.
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Data recovery services:
PK Solutions    (If you ever make use of this service for a P&V data file, be sure to include a copy of pv5data._db which can be found in your \pv5 folder.  An even better idea is to back-up your data file daily.)
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