Version 4.0

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To determine what specific release number of the program you have: 
From within P&V, choose Help...About Parts&Vendors.

Program Update

This Maintenance Update contains important program changes.
1.  Download the file into a temporary directory. Windows Desktop will work fine.
2.  Close Parts&Vendors.
3.  Run the update exe by double clicking on it. It will install into your existing \PV4 program folder.
This update brings the program up to the current release while preserving existing user settings/preferences.
Pvu4041.exe (2.3 MB)
Utility to restore DAO350.DLL  (345 K)
Version 3 Uninstall was removing a file needed by version 4 in early releases of version 4.  Re-running V4 setup will fix the situation, as will running this utility.
Download Full P&V 4.0 program  9.2 MB Pv4setup.exe
This version is no longer for sale for new installations
It is provided here so users of version 4.0 can have the whole thing in one file, rather than original + update.
List of changes and additions to each 4.0.x release of Parts&Vendors
Multi-user Disclaimer - If you administrate a P&V workgroup, please READ THIS.
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