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Windows 8, 7 and Vista - Essential Setup Information
Download a PDF version of the User Manual
PV6Manual.pdf   or   PV6Manual.zip
Print your own copy of the manual, or just read it on-screen.
How to determine Inventory Value
Step-by-step instructions
Note to P&V users outside the USA
The Date and Currency format are a combination of Windows Control Panel Regional settings, plus settings internal to P&V.  If using P&V outside of the USA, make this setting to avoid an error message.
Import/Export Utility
works with CircuitMaker® (schematic capture) / TraxMaker® (pcb layout) programs from MicroCode Engineering®.
What about Terminal Server or Citrix?
Some users tell us it works-- We show you how it must be operated.
Multi-user Disclaimer
If you administrate a P&V workgroup, please READ THIS.

6.0.142 Update fixes date formatting and has
other things you want. 
Get it now!

PROGRAM UPDATES:  Trilogy Design Update Policy

Trilogy Design routinely issues maintenance updates that are free to users of the Parts&Vendors program.  Bugs are fixed as discovered and new operational features or other refinements are added at Trilogy Design's option.  See the links on each version page for descriptions of changes made to each release of the program.
The original Setup program (CD or full download) plus the latest update constitute the current version of the program.  Intermediate updates can be discarded. Installing an update preserves existing user settings; a full reinstall does not.
Update for version 6
(and version-specific support)
What's New in PV6
How to Upgrade
Update and full install for version 5
(and version-specific support)
What was new in PV5
Update and full install for version 4
(and version-specific support)
What was new in PV4
Update and full install for version 3
(and version-specific support)
What was new in PV3
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Adobe Acrobat Reader for .PDF files..
Data recovery services:
PK Solutions    If you ever make use of this service for a P&V data file, be sure to include a copy of pv3data._db, pv4data._db, pv5data._db, or pv6data._db which can be found in your \pv3, \pv4 \pv5 or \pv6 program folder. 
An even better idea is to back-up your data file daily.
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