Parts&Vendors is a personal parts list manager and vendor database that helps keep track of all the components that go into a new product design. Its features make it easy to keep track of the sources and costs of a new design as the development work progresses. It can be used stand-alone as a simple desktop application, or a single data file can be shared among a group of users. Data on-screen is unbound (isolated from the main data file until saved or refreshed), ensuring smooth workgroup data file sharing.
Once you begin to enter your own P/Ns and item data, you'll find it easy to organize them into top level assemblies and sub-assemblies.
The assembly tree shows organization of subassemblies and Made-From branches within a whole product. Icons visually separate different types of items.
Drag and Drop to easily re-arrange items while the assemblies are still in development.
This screen shows items supplied by this vendor.
Items can have as many sources (vendors/manufacturers) as needed.


Vendors, Manufacturers and the Line Card links between them can be added on-the-fly.
Each source for an item can have as many price breaks as desired.  The program will automatically use the best price break for a specified order quantity.
The Price Breaks dialog allows you to enter cost breaks at applicable levels.
P&V can be set to automatically increase the order quantity if the next break results in the same or lower cost.
Notice the rows of tabs below the grid: List choices are based on context of database Control Pane (Item Master, Vendor, RFQ, etc.).
Set columns to show, column order, sort order, and column widths for screen or reports.
Fonts and colors are user-settable.
Each listing has its own label facility, with saved field selections.
Choose from popular Avery label sizes for laser/inkjet sheets of labels (in Letter and A4 sizes).

Supports Dymo, Seiko  and Brother single label printers.
New label definitions can be entered for styles beyond those included with the program.  The EX and ECO Editions let users create custom label layouts.
Any grid listing can be filtered by multiple user-selection criteria. Compare to fixed entries or compare field values. Filters can be named and saved for reuse.
In workgroup environments, the EX and ECO Editions can be set up with user logins and permission groups. This distributes editing permission to various areas of the program appropriate to a user's job function, allowing lookup access while protecting critical data from inadvertent or unauthorized changes.
When sharing a data file, all copies of the program must be the same version (i.e. 6.0).
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