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This Parts List Manager will help you Get Organized!

  • Easily create and manage parts lists for new products in development... and after.
  • Track component sources and calculate product costs at any quantity.
  • Launch CAD, viewers or web browser from files or URLs linked to items in the database.
  • Generate BOMs, shopping lists, RFQs, POs and Kit Lists for a single assembly or a whole product.
  • Do all of this and much more...  in your own private data file, or in a Workgroup data file shared with other users.

...Just two of many views of your data.
. . . Just two of many views of your data.
Delivered by Download (PDF) from this Website
Download both the PDF User Manual and the Program's Setup File from this website.

Because of their row and column organization, spreadsheets (such as Excel®) have always been a tempting place to keep Bills of Materials and component lists.

The way data is saved in a spreadsheet, however, inevitably results in a lot of copying and pasting as more entries are made for assemblies and complete products.

The duplication of entries leads to errors (spec changes not updated everywhere being the most common) and general difficulty in keeping track of multiple uses of things.

Parts&Vendors brings the power of a relational database as a superior alternative to using spreadsheets. And its low cost makes it an easy choice to upgrade your tools for this important task.

Download the free DEMO
from this site and explore how Parts&Vendors can help you Get Organized!

For a close-up, download the demo and print your own.
Our built-in reports are clean and professional. 
And, you can customize their appearance with your own ideas.

Parts&Vendors also supports the Dymo, Seiko and Brother single label printers.

  • SE (Lowest cost, big value)
  • EX (More features, plus User Permissions and Data File Security)
  • ECO (All of EX Edition plus Revision Control, Rev History and archiving of old specs to PDF files)

Check out the
Edition Features Chart

P&V is intended for independent and workgroup use where full manufacturing or mrp software is not required.

How to Upgrade

Parts&Vendors makes it easy to document your new product design as the work progresses. It keeps item specs, parts lists, notes, links to drawing files, links to web sites and vendor contact information all in one place and accessible at the click of your mouse.
By linking Sources (distributors and manufacturers) to items, you can run cost scenarios for any level of production. RFQs (Requests for Quotation) are easy to send from P&V.
Then, when the design phase nears completion, P&V calculates the purchasing requirements for a prototype run. This can happen for one or more products at a time.
The EX and ECO Editions will automatically generate Purchase Orders from your assembly tree data, and these can be faxed all at once if Winfax® is installed on your computer.
As items are received, inventory levels are automatically adjusted. Then finally, P&V can generate a Kit List (a stock pick-list) and print labels for those items.  One click adjusts inventory for all the items in those kits of parts.
While P&V is not specifically inventory tracking software, it does have some basic stock management capabilities, plus barcode scanning and printing. Many small organizations tell us they are using the program as an interim solution before investing in a big, expensive system.
More about the Parts&Vendors software...

If your organization is large, you’ll find P&V a powerful tool for staying organized while your project is still in flux. If your organization is small, P&V may be all you need.
Download the full-function DEMO and check it out for yourself!
Trilogy Design is the developer and publisher of Parts&VendorsTM, the Personal Parts List Manager and Vendor Database for Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 bit). Also works well on most 64 bit Windows systems.
Everything needed to download, upgrade, learn and support the software can be done via this website.
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