January 2, 2014

Parts&Vendors enters Legacy Status in 2014.

We have been pleased to provide our engineering tool for the last twenty years, 1994 - 2014, and we extend a hearty Thank You to all our clients and loyal software users.

It is, however, unlikely that there will be a "next" version of the program.

Daily support continues throughout 2014, but will not continue in the same mode after the end of the year.

New licenses and additional seats for existing licenses continue to be available, during that interval, for current and previous program versions.

The good news is that Parts&Vendors runs fine on Windows 8 computers, including most 64-bit versions (P&V is a 32 bit application).

Q: Does this mean that Parts&Vendors is being phased out, and will not be available in 2015 and after?
A: Yes. While the program setup file will remain available on the website, the offering of new licenses will cease.

Q: Can I continue to use P&V after the end of this year?
A: Of course. Your license is perpetual, and you can continue to use (or reinstall) the program on any compatible version of Windows. Forever. Or, for as long as you run it on a compatible operating system.

At Trilogy Design, we continue to use some long-discontinued (1996) "favorite" non-P&V 16-bit software on 32 bit versions of Windows 8 (though it won't install on 64-bit Windows). 

Many computer users continue to use older, discontinued programs.  The actions (or inactions) of their publishers do not bear on their ongoing use of great programs.  The same will be true with P&V.

Q: Can I download the setup files I need for future installations?
A: Yes, absolutely. Download and archive the installation program as you wish (just like always). We expect our site to remain up for several years, though, to make the files available to those users without your foresight and advance preparation.

Q: In the past, we've had tech support repair a corrupted data file. Will this service still be available?
A: No. We have a Do-It-Yourself database repair kit on our website User Area. It requires a retail copy of MS Access 2000 or newer. Have this in your arsenal of tools and you will be self-supporting. If you've had a database corruption in the past, we recommend that you try the repair kit, for practice, before you actually need it.

Q: What happens in the future (Windows 9, etc.) when P&V might not install?
A: That will be the end for Parts&Vendors.

On the other hand, there is a World of VB6-based software out there that large and small companies rely on, and we don't expect runtime support to end for that anytime soon.

Also, some of our own computers still run Windows as old as XP (and we know that many of you do that, too), so don't feel that you need to upgrade to the latest Windows version unless you choose to do that. All indications are that a majority of you are still on WinXP or Win7, so just continue to enjoy those previous versions to get your work done.  P&V works well on Windows 8, too.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Two reasons:
1)  In order to grow into the future with added features and ongoing runtime support, Parts&Vendors needs to be rewritten from the ground up. Probably web-browser-based, and at least client/server based, to permit robust off-site access. We are not prepared to embark on this project.
2) Retirement of the principals involved.

Q: Do you have a recommendation for another program to migrate to?
A: Wish we did.

Parts&Vendors was born out of a need for parts management by the engineers who are in the trenches doing product designs. The MRP/ERP software at the time did a terrible job of supporting the Engineering Department. Those expensive systems seemed to be locked down by their departmental owners, who delighted in creating their IT empires but who had seemed to forget that their charter was to support other departments, not to simply justify their own bloated existence. Sadly, 20 years later, the situation seems to be pretty much the same.

Parts&Vendors was and still is unique, and maybe someone else will carry on in the spirit of what we have created.

We've provided some Data Transfer Tools to assist in moving your Parts&Vendors data to other systems.  Click here.

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