What users are saying about P&V

We receive an ongoing stream of emails and faxes about our Parts&Vendors software.  Some of the comments below were taken from messages that included users' wish lists for future releases.  Some just took the time to tell us that we are making a difference.
"After only a month or two of using the SE Edition of your software, I'm so impressed that I want to upgrade to the ECO Edition... Thanks for this great product!"
A.H., Logical Interfaces
"I used this product in a Fortune 500 company for over 6 years...company did not even know, but my management knew we had one of the most efficient engineering groups..."
"We recently purchased your software and we absolutely love it. It has already made our work faster and easier to be able to maintain boms and other things."
D. B., Field Test & Analysis Group, Boeing-SVS, Inc.
"The implementation of your software, P&V, just might be one of the biggest improvements in the 25 plus years KPI has been in operation. We are presently pulling everything together and P&V is the tool that is the hub of it all."
S.T., Kimball Physics
"I just wanted to let you know that we have been using P&V for a few years and we think the product is outstanding."
J.B. Jr., J.F. Berns Co.
"Your program has been and is still the best I have seen in my 40+ years... To repeat my first comment: I LOVE THIS PROGRAM"
"Thanks for all your great work. We would be dead without this software."
R.T., Farlight LLC
"We have been using Parts&Vendors since 1997. It has been an absolutely integral part of our day to day operations...  Whenever we have needed assistance, the staff at Trilogy Design has been more than helpful, going far beyond any software developer or distributor we have ever come across.  Thank you for developing an excellent, user friendly, robust package, and for helping us with our growth."
S.N., Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.
"We're getting comfortable with the system and like it.
The importing function is great!  I mass load stuff in Excel, copy/paste what I need, and then blap the whole thing into P&V."
N.W., Growth Networks
"You have a great program, and like the microwave [oven], I'm not sure how we got along before, without it."
K.O., Technology Kitchen Corporation
"I want to tell you that you have managed to produce a great program.   ...We are a small but growing company, and P&V will be sufficient for a long period."
P.G., Technomed Europe (Netherlands)
"I just used the 'Compare Parts List' feature for the first time.   Thank you. It just saved my bacon.  I had copied one parts list to another with a new name, made the changes to reflect the new design requirements, AND mistakenly thought I had done a thorough and correct conversion.  'Compare Parts Lists' pointed out my error.  ...Thanks again for a great product."
R.P., BiT Microsystems, Inc.
(Upon resolution of a tech support problem):  "Everything seems to be functional now.  Hey, let me convey our appreciation for your support and involvement with this problem.  It's refreshing to buy a product from someone and have them help you when you have or cause problems.  Seems like such a simple, basic concept as a principle of doing business.  Anyway- thank you."
M.H., Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Great program... Your concept of simplicity is excellent."
R.B. Surface Preparation Systems
"Have been using your program for over a year and love it."
E.J., Electronic Systems Integration, Inc.
"Y' know, Trilogy is just about the most honest software group I've ever come across.  It's been a real pleasure to use your program."
T.B., The Signal Group
"Overall I think P&V is a great program.  It's a great start for us... Your telephone support is the best I have attempted... The best of any application package I have ever used --by far, is another way to say it... Keep up the good work..."
J.L., FLIR Systems
"This is a kick ass product.  Within 15 minutes we were working. Congratulations."
W.W., Image Logic Corporation
"...I would go as far as saying it's the best purchase of software I've ever made.  The functionality you built into it and the user interface is Great!"
R.R., Lock Systems
"We are delighted with our new P&V software.  ...We have used high-end MRP systems in our previous lives, and we have the budget to install such a system here if and when we need to, but the expense and complexity are unnecessary at this point in our evolution.  ...We applaud your "keep it simple" approach."
M.D., Ardent Communications Corporation
"It has already exceeded our expectations as to its capabilities and is very easy to use. It suits our purposes (and checkbook) very well..."
M.G., Rocky Mountain Research
"I'm not sure what I would have done without it."
L.L., Lowell Technologies, Inc.
"We love the Parts&Vendors software and have had no trouble installing and learning its features and functions."
A.S., Wright & McGill Co.
(Upon resolution of a tech support problem):  "...I wish all software vendors responded so quickly and with solutions that resolve the problem. Again, thank you very much!"

Sorry, but we don't give out names of who has the program in your locale.  We respect their privacy as we will yours.  However, if you want to know who else in your own company has P&V, we'll try to accommodate your request.
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