Do you have a demo?

Yes! You can download the full function demo.  The demo is the EX Edition of the program and is limited to 60 part numbers, 6 vendors and 6 P.O.’s. Upon request we can provide a license number that will enable the demo as the ECO Edition (6 ECOs maximum), so you can explore those features. If you decide to purchase P&V, the License will enable the features you paid for and clear the demo limitations.

What is the difference between P&V and inventory software?

The Parts&Vendors program is a set of tools for engineers and technical staff concerned with developing specs, parts lists and documenting sources of supply for the components designed into new products. While P&V does perform simple manipulation of inventory, the program does not significantly overlap with the functions of manufacturing or MRP (materials, resources, & planning and variations on that theme) software. Those programs usually have functions for tracking work orders, allocating inventory for a future build, accounting for work-in-process, scheduling/accounting of labor resources and extensive accounting functions.
Parts&Vendors will tell you what items are needed, what’s available and what’s short for a build of your product, and what they will cost. P&V will also adjust order quantities for overkitting, maintaining stock minimums, and take "already on order" into account. It will generate Kit Lists to prepare for your prototype or production run.

What is your upgrade policy?

We are dedicated to refining and improving the Parts&Vendors program, and send notifications of significant upgrades as they become available. We strive to hold the upgrade cost to a minimum. Minor updates (bug fixes and operational improvements) are available free from our web site, so you can always download the most current release of the program. Information to access the User Area of our web site is included with the software.

What is your tech support policy?

Technical support is free. We ask that you first check out the website User Area for quick answers, and then use as your first line of support. When trying to determine how to perform certain operations with the software, we request that you consult the manual or On-line Help first, before calling Tech Support.

What if I buy the PV-SE license and then later decide that I should have bought the PV-EXtended edition?

While the major version number (e.g., 6.0) of the program you have is still current, we will credit your purchase of the SE Edition against an upgrade to the EXtended Edition. Similarly, we will upgrade your copy(ies) of the program to the ECO Edition by charging you only the difference in price.

Can I use Parts&Vendors on a network?

Yes, P&V is designed to be used in small workgroups as well as stand-alone. However, the program itself is NOT run from across the network. Instead, the program is installed on each workstation as though it is going to be stand-alone. Create a new data file at one position. Then, move that data file onto the network (onto a server or wherever it will be backed up daily). From each workstation where P&V is installed, go to the menu and choose File...Open... and browse for your "workgroup-common" data file. Click "Open" and you’re there.

What is the file format?

The Parts&Vendors data file format is Jet 4.0, compatible with Microsoft Access® 2000/2002. One data file contains your entire resource of all projects, items, lists, and vendors. The single file is easy to maintain and back up, and keeps all relational integrity in one place. For experts wanting to perform "special" operations or create tools to transfer data to/from other systems, the file can also be opened with a retail copy of Access 2000 or newer. Parts&Vendors stands alone, and does not require that you have Access.

I have lots of data in another database format. Can I transfer it into Parts&Vendors?

If you can get your data into a comma- or tab-delimited text format, then P&V has easy-to-use import tools. Microsoft Excel® will save worksheets in this format. Since Excel will also open some other database files (dbf, fixed width text, etc.) it can function as a versatile conversion tool. This can be helpful for starting up your P&V database from your existing data, while avoiding a lot of manual data entry.

Will P&V work with my schematic or PCB layout software?

Many PCB and schematic programs export their parts list information as a delimited text data file. Depending on how much effort you have put into organizing these programs’ internal databases, you may have only marginally useful reporting functions directly from that program. P&V helps you bring in the data that you have, and enhance it as a parts list with linked suppliers, costs, links to CAD files and other supporting information.

What other software will P&V work with?

P&V will link path and file names of other files to each item in the Item Master. Then, from P&V, you can run the native application(s) for those other files directly from P&V without having to hunt for the file and its location from the other program. P&V also provides a place to specify all the other viewers and/or editors you have, and you can choose which one to run from a pop up list.

Can I mix different versions of Parts&Vendors when sharing a data file?

No. When sharing a data file, all copies of the program must be the same version number (i.e. 5.0, 6.0, etc.).
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