Data Transfer Tools

Microsoft Access (2000 or newer) has always been the power tool to deal with the JET database files.

Here are a set of mdb files with queries designed to assist in transferring your Parts&Vendors data to other systems. Once you list the items with these queries, you can then use the export tools within Access to save the data in a format that you might import into another system.

Access also has ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) that can "talk" to other systems that have that interface. Sorry, no, we cannot assist you with your transfer activities.

Remember, you can also export from any listing in Parts&Vendors, resulting in a CSV (comma separated value) file that many other programs can import.

These are links to zip files that contain:

a) An .mdb file with appropriate queries
b) Text file with instructions how to use the tool.

All P/N data, including all Sources and Costs (price breaks) in one listing

All linked File / URL data in one listing

All Parts List data in one listing


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