Parts&Vendors EX and ECO Editions allow the owner of a data file to allocate editing access to other users, appropriate to their job function. This provides an important safeguard for critical data files that are accessed by multiple users.
The file owner defines permission groups that make it easy to manage the type of data that any particular user can edit.
Permissions user tab. Create/delete and edit user profiles.
Users log in with a name and password, and their membership in a permission group sets their edit-access to the file.
All users can still view all the data (except Customer and Jobs viewing can optionally be turned off).
You can create a "guest" permission group that permits opening the data file for viewing purposes with no edit or even printing permission.
In a separate operation, a File Password can also be set. This prevents unauthorized access with external tools such as Microsoft® Access® for additional data security.
Permission-ECO Setup Utility
User permissions and Revision Control are part of the data file. You might have an independent data file (a personal project file, for example) that you do not secure.
And then, when you open your secured workgroup data file, the permission features are activated. If you have the ECO edition, you can open a file that has ECO features in effect. When ECO features are installed into the data file, the EX and SE editions of P&V will not open the file.

Your existing data file can be modified with the new Permission-ECO Setup Utility. The file will then have one or more "owners" who set permissions for other users in various functional areas, including ECO Administration privileges (ECO Edition).