Item Master

Part numbers (up to 50 characters) are alphanumeric and can contain punctuation. Program suggests next available P/N based on user settings and existing data.
Item specifications include two levels of description (255 characters each), Revision, Type, Status, 60K of Notes, 5x100 char. user-captioned fields, By, Date, and default Units of Measure.
Five additional 100 character user-captioned fields outside of controlled item specifications.
Parent P/N's group families of similar items together with common plus unique description fields. Items can have independent sources and/or cost linked to parent number. Families can be copied, retaining original P/N suffixes.
Files Listing keeps track of drawings or other specs or web page for each item. Launch a program based on file name extension, run a specific viewer or editor from a pop up list, or open the system web browser to the specified web URL address.
Used On/Not Used listings identify item usage.


A Parts List (a single assembly) is displayed on a configurable grid that permits showing more items or more info on screen and on printed pages.
Assembly Tree shows entire product's multi-level organization. Expand or Hide to show as much detail as desired. Option to show subassembly branches only to show product structure without the clutter of individual items. Drag and Drop to easily re-arrange the order of items on assemblies.  Quantity and Reference fields can be also edited on this view.
Any Assembly can be set to not expand, for when it is acquired as a single component.
Reference Designators - program can count them, sort them and optionally set Qty=Count.


Vendor Database is linked to items to track costs, vendor specs, availability. Includes address, phones, user code, customer account number, terms, contact names, web site, notes, follow-up tickler and autodialer.   Can launch e-mail program addressed to any selected text.
Manufacturer Database is linked to Items to track Mfr P/N's. Includes address, phones, user code, contact names, web site, notes, and autodialer. Choose Mfr P/N's from the user-generated list, or make new entries on the fly.
Line card links manufacturers to distributors. Create new links, or entries of either, on-the-fly.
Price Breaks can be entered for each source link (any number of breaks at any quantity).
Units of Measure define the Use-As and Buy-As increments, and can be the Items' defaults, or respecified for each Source link. Program uses the user-defined conversion when calculating order quantities.
Buy in Multiples Of feature is handy when there is a minimum purchase increment.

Purchase List

Automatically generated shopping list (extended bom) for a single assembly or for a whole product. Items listed have quantities consolidated based on multiple instances in the product, plus adjustments for:
  • Shortages only or full quantities
  • Increase by overkitting quantities
  • Increase to maintain minimum stock levels (EX and ECO Editions)
  • Reduce by quantities already on order(s): Pending, Open, Closed, and optionally filtered by Job number (EX and ECO Editions).

Cost Summary

Tree view shows the costs for all items in a multi-level assembly, with totals for each assembly, separated by item costs and direct vendor costs (which can be used for direct labor).  Expand/Hide tree branches to show the level of detail desired.

Kit List

An automatically generated pick list for a single assembly or for a whole product, with items separated by each assembly they are used on, with options to:
  • Use available finished subassemblies from stock
  • Increase by overkitting quantities

Requests for Quotation

Suggest Next RFQ Number based on user setting and existing data.
Enter prices from vendor replies right on the RFQ to update the main database.
Selectable reply address(es) can differ from administrative (billing) address, when quote is to return to Engineering.

Inventory Adjustments

(This program is NOT "inventory tracking software," however it does include some basic inventory functions related to its other features).
Reduce stock for a whole group of items when pulling for Kits to go to the production area.
History of (kitting/bulk) inventory adjustments - Who, What, When, Why.


From delimited ASCII text files - comma (CSV) or tab separated. (Excel and many other programs can save in this format).


  • Export any listing To CSV (comma separated values) file or to an Excel file.
  • Export any listing via the clipboard to spreadsheet or word processor.
  • Print any report to a .PDF file (viewable with Adobe Acrobat viewer).
  • Merge an individual assembly, a whole product, or bulk data into another P&V data file.

Search / Find

In the context of the entire database, or only in the current listing, by any field.

List Builder

Select multiple items, then apply them to a list all at once. Tools are provided to filter or sort the list as desired to narrow the selection of items.


A powerful feature of the Parts&Vendors program is the ability to filter and grid listing by user-specified criteria. These filters can be named and saved and reused later.

Multiple Currencies

  • Costs can be entered and/or displayed in local currency or in a foreign currency.  Each vendor can have its own dedicated exchange rate, or use a common exchange rate for the specific currency.
  • When the exchange rate is changed, the costs in the foreign currency remain unchanged. Displaying costs in local currency will show the results of the updated exchange rate.

View History

Parts&Vendors saves the last 50 screen views during any active session. Choose a previous view from the dropdown list on the toolbar, or Alt + left arrow / Alt + right arrow to navigate Back and Forward.

Reports and Labels

  • Professional looking printed output.
  • Print to larger paper sizes (B-size, 11x17).
  • Option to Tile pages if report size exceeds paper width, or Truncate columns that don't fit.
  • Print labels to sheet styles (Avery and equivalent) or single label printers (Dymo/CoStar and Seiko).

Barcode Scanning and Printing

  • Find an item, Adjust Stock for an item, Receive an item.  Works on In-House P/N.
  • Print barcodes on labels. Many bar styles are supported.


Program contains various utilities, including:
  • Merge bulk data or current listing to another Parts&Vendors database.

  • Link a new Source to an entire family of items at once, based on existing vendor P/N data (or not).

  • Bulk replacement of a character in a P/N.

  • Convert vendor entries to manufacturers.

  • Convert uppercase descriptions to mixed case text.

  • Renumber items on parts lists, rfq's and purchase orders.

  • Opportunity to run an action sql on main or local databases.

  • Database Compacting, Reminder to Compact (user settable interval), and Eject Other Users to gain exclusive data file access.

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